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F6, will be updated on Mondays, Wednesdays, & Saturdays as well as any major holidays for a regular schedule. F6, is best viewed using the latest version of Firefox with a screen resolution of 1024 x 768. PLEASE SCROLL DOWN TO VIEW THE BLOG ENTRIES THANK YOU for coming to exchange your views on life.
Fight the H8 in Your State
Come On People! Is your life really worth the risk? Wrap It Up!
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Fight the H8 in Your State

21 December 2012

an introduction and explanation

The title for F6 (Fun Fag FAQs From Father Fozy) came from an article series previously written in a traditional monthly publication between 2004-2005 in Fort Wayne, Indiana. F6 is a social-political commentary published and edited by an openly homosexual, religious, libertarian, male whose perspective is extremely sarcastic as a modern traditionalist and yet he enjoys life to the fullest potential and then some.

There are some things that readers need to be reminded of from a legal perspective; so the Editor of
F6, would like you to review the DISCLAIMERS AND COPYRIGHTS page, before you make use of any of the links on this page or have a coronary over any of the content of F6's both text and graphic presentation. It is highly recommended that you open any links in a new tab or window of your browser by right clicking on them.

F6, is updated on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays as well as any major holidays for an occasionally scheduled format. This page is part of the new format for the readers of F6 Queer Views Of Life Along Our Three Rivers to guide people through the link list with greater ease and service. The Editor's hope is that this step will allow for a better use of the information trying to be shared with the larger local, national, and international Community that F6 serves as evidenced by the Site Meter and confidential correspondences.

The LINKS PAGE is updated around the 25th of every even numbered month at a minimum.

I am still looking for a way to list reoccurring meetings and events or social functions on a combined list. For right now there is some information and resources available to the general public and our valued readers and friends.
If you have any events, always subject to review, that you want me to add to the calendar give me the info via email to frfozybearftwin@gmail.com with the subject line of F6 Calendar.

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